Why choose iCON Pods?

iCON Pods - sister company to OEH

In recent months, millions of people have been working from home for the first time. Companies and employees have begun to realise the many benefits of remotely working from home, more and more people are wishing to incorporate this fliexbile approach into their routines. While working from home is expected to be far more common in the future, you will need to ensure that you have a peaceful place to focus if you want to build your career from a remote location. 

 If you are taking pleasure in working from home but you’re struggling to find a soothing place to hold virtual meetings or you’re constantly moving from your kitchen to your living area, a bespoke iCON Pod in your garden is just what you need. With a short walk down the garden into your office and a dedicated workspace to enjoy, you can increase your productivity and up your game, even when working remotely. 

iCON Pods does not just give you a space to work. We ensure you have a fully functioning gardening room that serves as a base for you to building your career or launch a new venture. 

With distributors that have teams of highly experience installers, we handle everything from the ground up. Built in accordance with all relevant regulations and fitting with uninterrupted electrical power, you can enjoy bespoke lighting options, high speed internet and even air condition in your new installed iCON Pod.