OEH Group develops and invests in properties in Northampton


We are property developers who pride ourselves on our ability to develop, manage and apply our expertise across London and Northamptonshire.

We primarily develop in residential, commercial and government official properties.


We develop, manage and invest to improve properties within the Northampton and London area.

Our aim is to deliver lasting social and commercial social benefit.

We are a values-led business looking after all types of residential properties, from high-end apartments and luxury houses to affordable and mixed tenure housing. Integrity, respect and trust underpin everything we do. We believe in transparency and accountability and strive to uphold the highest standards of conduct in all of our business activities.

With over 20 years of combined experience and access to professional networks and resources we can help find sites, develop concepts and secure funding, before planning, building and maintaining properties for open-market sale, private rental, affordable rent and shared ownership.

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OEH is a Property Developer and also an umbrella company. The OEH Group is made up of 3 companies, OEH, S&R Construction and SDP Real Estates and 1 sister company – iCON Pods.


No matter the size of your project we deliver innovative design and fresh thinking to each contract.

We invest in a both residential and commercial sectors.

Our process is simple, plan, design and construct.


Ermir - the director of OEH Group

"After 2005, Ermir and his family decided to build their own contracting company..."

Note from the Director ERMIR

Group Director

With over 20 years of experience Ermir and his family built their own development, contracting and real estate group. Ermir started as a dryliner, working on many projects within the greater London area. Ermir was subcontracted by many well-known builders and developers. After 2005, Ermir and his family decided to build their own contracting company, working with and for many local development companies within London.

During this time, they gained much experience, they then used this experience and decided to work with developers in a joint venture structure. At the same time as running joint venture contracts, they started to obtain their own development contracts, within and around Northamptonshire. They successfully completed both joint venture and their own development projects. As an electrician by trade, Ermir has brought his knowledge of the inner workings of electronics and brought the groups properties into the 21st century with top of the range technology.

Developing Perfect Partnerships

Become our trusted partner and we will help expand your growth through successful joint ventures.

Our goal is to grow successful partnerships with clients and consultants. With OEH Group you can be certain that you have the most dedicated and committed people on your team.

By choosing to become partners with us, you will profit from all of our construction and development networks, our finest practices, and our ability to find schemes. We will work hand in hand with you throughout the entire process.


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