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What We Do

OEH Group is a property development company focused on the residential sector within the Northamptonshire and Greater London areas. 

Our team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals, all with proven track records within their respective fields. Ranging from single-plot projects through to large-scale, complex projects. 

We always deliver value to our clients through innovative design, careful investigation, and active management on site.  

We want to create not just a positive but also a long-lasting impact within our desired market environments, by building homes for families to live and grow. 

We are an established safe pair of hands, building relationships with both new and long-standing clients.  

Estate Regeneration

Innovation Regeneration of Estates through careful planning, collaboration and listening to the resident’s voice

The OEH Groups Estate Regeneration scheme focuses on establishing and building growing communities. Enhancing the lives of the people within the community and revitalizing landscapes through our on-going partnerships.

The OEH Group has over 20 years of experience in regeneration projects, not only successfully completing many but also winning awards along the way such as the Civic Society Award. We work closely with both Local Authorities and also the communities in which we operate. Our approach within the sector, coupled with innovative design, concise planning, management, quality and sustainability control allows us to continue changing lives. All of our community residents concerns and needs are listened to and acted on through the entirety of the project.

Strong Voice

The OEH Group understands the developing estates has a sizeable impact on the communities residents. We always strive to involved all residents in the project from the very beginning. This set up is to enable the residents to have a strong voice and offer choices to them. This enables them to play a part in the decision making throughout the process. We always want to ensure residents are comfortable and happy with the project, whether it be designs or planning. These processes help OEH Group to ensure the community will accept the changes and impact to their lives in a positive way.


Every single member of our teams have a profound knowledge and understand of the industry and sector. Working alongside highly skilled and experienced pre-construction and construction personnel. At the beginning of every project the roles and responsibility of our team members is clearly defined, this ensures you will always know who you will need to speak to when you undoubtedly need a question answered. The OEH Group will always ensure the highest level of quality and technical compliance, we ensure this by tested and proven high quality management processes.


Estate Regeneration is about the community and lifestyle, not just about building new homes. The OEH Group endeavour to create safe environments and help communities to succeed and shine. By ensuring every detail is carefully planned and working alongside communities and resident group we ensure the success and sustainability of the project. We always look to ensure that the homes we build are high specification, sustainable and easy to run, with no hidden agendas.

Mixed Use

The mixed-use arm of our developments sector has steadily begun to increase. Integrating an array of housing options together with commercial, retail and community facilities.

Contemporary living within cities command high density developments which have the need for retail, leisure and community facilities incorporated into them for the residents.

There is currently an increasing demand for convenience retailing to be either integrated within the scheme or to be developed within the near vicinity.
OEH Group have more than 10 year’s experience in developing mixed use scheme, within this time we have grown our working relationships with numerous retail organisations which are diligently looking for opportunities within the inner city.

Community facilities which can possibly include community centres, libraries and leisure centres are more frequently required within our urban schemes.

Finding the correct mix of residential, community and commercial has enabled us to deliver the most triumphant inner city development.

Environmental Responsibility

By its very nature, the construction industry leaves a permanent mark on the world and it is a responsibility OEH takes seriously. We manage the direct environmental impact of our activities in various ways, most notably by taking a role in the design stages of a project whenever possible. This way, we ensure that environmental considerations are taken into account from the very beginning and that decisions on long-term sustainability are made before construction starts. Once works are underway, we set environmental targets in accordance with national guidelines and put management systems in place to monitor the site performance and the factors that influence it.


Our Site Managers complete a weekly site impact report, which records the electric, water, and gas usage on the site, as well as emissions generated by site traffic. We monitor these reports carefully so that any problem areas can be addressed as quickly as possible. If we notice that a site’s environmental targets are being consistently missed, we will conduct a full review of site procedures to identify where improvements can be made.


As required by the Environmental Agency, OEH Group establishes a detailed Site Waste Management Plan to ensure that unnecessary wastage is kept to a minimum and that all our operatives are aware of the correct disposal procedures.

Our Site Waste Management Plans are developed in collaboration with a professional environmental consultant. Based on a thorough assessment of the site and project, the environmental consultant will make a detailed forecast of the quantities likely to occur in each waste stream. We can then decide on the most efficient disposal strategy and keep track of our overall performance against the Site Waste Management Plan.

All site operatives are made aware of the Site Waste Management Plan during their inductions, and the Site Manager is responsible for ensuring the appropriate waste disposal procedures are followed.

The OEH Group consists of three main companies, OEH Group, S&R and SDP Real Estates. – Developer, Contractor, Realtor.

The OEH Group are fully committed to sustainability and making a contribution to social, economic, and environmental wellbeing. We are committed to reducing energy usage, water, and waste in our developments and building projects and design buildings that have a reduced environmental impact.

We are deeply aware of how construction activities can impact the environment and the local community. We liaise closely with local planning authorities and all stakeholders to maintain and enhance the beauty and character of the surrounding area, as well as ensuring the wellbeing of the local community.


If you are considering selling a part of or all of your land for property, talk to us today to explore your options.


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