OEH Group is a property development company

Our Chosen Sectors

At OEH, we are Property Developers who pride ourselves on our ability to develop, manage and apply our expertise across London and Northamptonshire.

We primarily invest in retail, residential and commercial properties.


We are creating new properties within Wellingborough


We are creating new residential homes and apartments within Wellingborough.

We are actively investing into properties within London.


We are actively investing into retail, residential and office properties within London.

OEH Group develops and invests in properties in Northampton


Our first regeneration project was carried out on Residential and commercial flats within Northampton.

Our Chosen Sectors


We look after all types of residential properties, from high-end apartments and luxury houses to affordable and mixed tenure housing.

With over 20 years of combined experience and access to professional networks and resources we can help find sites, develop concepts and secure funding, before planning, building and maintaining properties for open-market sale, private rental, affordable rent and shared ownership…

Commercial Offices

Our focus is to invest, create and deliver office space in accessible locations that meet the needs of those occupying.

Although the right office spaces can often be hard to find, we make a conscious effort to provide the highest quality offices at a price that is affordable to each tenant…

Government Official Buildings

We work with both central and local government departments and their agencies to deliver innovative solutions which achieve better outcomes.

Our work is effective and conscious of the tax payer as we help find new ways to do more for less whilst continuing to run effectively and efficiently…


Retail plays a huge part in building our portfolio. We own properties in and across London and Northamptonshire. Our range of projects span from high street stores to iconic, independent and luxury brands.

We pay particular attention to attracting the right type of tenants through our design and expertise within the industry.

Hospitality & Leisure

We understand that not all projects are the same.

Our process for each client is simple, listen, plan, design and deliver.

Our ability to attentively listen to your needs and desires is at the forefront of every project. We’ll consider all aspects of your project from budget and limitations to work carried out whilst your venue is operating and start finding solutions to ensure we can create your ideal venue…